Folded sandwich with chicken

Folded sandwich with chicken

A folded pizza base with a mildly spicy sauce. Filling: hot-smoked chicken breast, gherkins and red onion.


Remove from film. Heat in contact grill with paper bag (200˚C) 2,5 min.

Cut off the corner of the film. Heat with a paper bag in a microwave oven (800W) 80 s.


Weight: 260 g
Barcode: 4771069193090
Expiry date: 5 d.
Storage conditions: 0 - +6˚C
Nutrition facts100 g
Energy value (Kj): 1163
Calories (kcal): 278
Fat (g): 13,9
Saturated fat (g): 1,99
Carbohydrates (g): 30,06
Sugar (g): 2,22
Protein (g): 8,1
Salt (g): 1,3