margiris isoMargiris only makes quality products that comply with the strictest food safety requirements as established by the LR and EU international safety standards.
High product quality is one of our main goals in production. Margiris operates based on the ISO 22000:2005/LST EN ISO 2200:2005 integrated food safety, quality and environmental protection management system. The company also uses a risk factor analysis and key management point system (RFAKMS) to ensure the safety of produce from the acquisition of raw materials to delivery to the customer.
The highest requirements for quality are applied both when selecting suppliers and raw materials as well as in further processes: production, storage, transportation, equipment maintenance and employee qualification development.
Company goals:

  • To analyse the expectations and needs of customers.
  • To continually improve the quality of company products and make products that meet the highest quality requirements.
  • To always comply with the requirements set for a certain product by the provisions of the RFAKMS.

Constant quality, traditional flavours and good pricing is what ensures the ever increasing popularity of our products.